Returns management is a formidable obstacle for online retailers, with nearly 500 million items being returned to Germany each year. This not only results in exorbitant costs but also consumes an extensive amount of time and resources.

To surmount these obstacles, it’s crucial to have effective return management strategies in place. There are various factors that need to be considered when developing such strategies to minimize the impact of returns on your business while keeping costs under control.

Our white paper delves deep into this subject by providing you with essential insights and key points that will aid you in devising successful return policies. You’ll discover why having robust returns management practices is critical for any e-commerce enterprise along with actionable measures aimed at reducing both reactive and preventive expenses associated with product returns.

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Why Shipcloud Return

Return processes you andyour customers will love

Reduce number of your
customer contacts up to


Lower your labour
costs up to


Increase your efficiency by 45%

Don’t let unwanted returns and revenue loss hurt your business! Our gatekeeping system is available 24/7 to help you prevent it.

Enhance customer experience

Don’t let complicated returns hurt your business – use Return Bird to simplify the process for both you and your customers.

Retain customers

No more digging through receipts and tracking numbers – Return Bird has got your back. With our uniform overview, managing all your returns is a breeze.

Increase transparency

Say goodbye to high labour costs and hello to savings! Our returns process is fast, efficient and transparent – saving you up to 25% on your labour expenses!

“Our customers can use Shipcloud to send returns with their favorite parcel service – and we find out immediately when a gadget is returned thanks to multi-carrier tracking info. This gives us a huge advantage!”

Michael Cassau, CEO & founder of Grover

Together we can move your business forward.

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