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Shipcloud streamlines shipping and return journeys, enabling you to fulfil your delivery promise. We support seamless connectivity and process flexibility to improve quality, optimize lead times, and reduce costs – all in one place. Our parcel logistics experts provide reliable, efficient, and sustainable delivery solutions to unburden your IT, finance, and customer service teams. Whether cross-border or domestic, our network of line-hauls, hubs, global carriers, and local heroes has got you covered. Ready to improve your e-commerce promise and build customer trust, from easy checkout to hassle-free returns?









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Your full-service shipping & return solutionfor parcel logistics in Europe

Our platform is an all-in-one solution from checkout to pack & ship and last-mile delivery. Need a return solution? Our platform is built for return initiation and receive & grade procedures, including the final settlement with your customer. Together with our parcel logistics solutions we can arrange the first-mile collection of your packages, inject them into carrier networks using our hubs and linehauls. Our parcel logistics experts provide reliable, efficient, and sustainable delivery solutions to unburden your IT, finance, and customer service teams.

ShipcloudParcel Logistics

Unlock cost-effective shipping and return with our network of linehauls, hubs, and carriers.

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Shipcloud Platform

Create smooth customer journeys from checkout to return, cross-border or domestic.

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Trusted by 4000+ companies

The ultimate solution,combine shipping & return with parcel logistics

Outsource your logistics

We manage your shipments from start to finish, making sure that your rates are always competitive. Even if you work with several carriers, you will receive a single invoice.

Injection model

Save up to 25% on shipping costs with our consolidation of volumes and injection models using local carriers in each country of your choice thanks to our centralized agreements with a wide network of carriers.

Work with local carriers

You will be able to work with carriers in each country you have a presence. This translates into better service and customer experience with delivery times between 24 and 72 hours.

One platform

The Shipcloud Platform supports smooth customer journeys from checkout to return. Improving quality and driving efficiency in multi-channel distribution.

Shipping & Return journeys

Easily connect to our platform via our Shipcloud API and get access to services that support customer-centric, intelligent and cost-effective shipping and return journeys.

Maximize your success

Reduce personnel costs, we will proactively manage exceptions, investigations and claims for all shipments we handle.

Talk to an expert

Our experts can look at your specific situation and give free advice on how to enable you to fulfill your delivery promise. We will help you get to the root of the issues at hand and offer solutions.

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Our Promise

Where every shipment strengthens your customer’s trust.
From easy checkout to hassle-free returns.

People business

Our logistics expertise reflects our people-focused approach. As dedicated ‘logistics people’, we provide unmatched support- ensuring you always receive the help you need, when you need it.

Customer intelligence

We help you future-proof your customer journey by offering insights that enable automation of business rules, process improvements in routing and supply chain management, enhancing every step of your operations.

Seamless integrations

Merge the world of e-commerce and logistics with our smooth integration capabilities, improving your e-commerce promise and building customer trust, from easy checkout to hassle-free returns.

Carrier versatility

Shipcloud opens up a world of carrier options, enabling diverse choices at checkout for swift, cost-efficient delivery & return that meet customer needs and boosts your operational effectiveness, whether cross-border or domestic.

How to integrate with Shipcloud

Integrate your system with Shipcloud and use our Shipping and Return Platform and Parcel Logistics through our Shipcloud API.

Are you looking for a specific integration? Our expert team of developers can create a Shipcloud Certified Integration Solution, contact us to talk about the endless possibilities.

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What people say
Our customers can use Shipcloud to send returns with their favorite parcel service – and we find out immediately when a gadget is returned thanks to multi-carrier tracking info. This gives us a huge advantage!

– Michael Cassau ・CEO & Founder of Grover