Shipcloud Return

Connect frontend and backend returns processes into one connected returns solution.

Return processesyou & your customerswill love

With Shipcloud Return, you can efficiently manage returns from all sales channels and significantly reduce your returns rate. Benefit from different return methods, parcel services, and data-driven decisions for your company.

Enhance customer experience

Offer your customers the returns label by email, a PDF download or as a mobile QR code. Our Return Bird is a white label product where the returns portal and widgets are customised with your own branding.

Retain customers

Efficient returns processing is crucial for a positive shopping experience. With Return Bird, you have an overview of all returns and can organize the process quickly and easily. This ensures satisfied customers and optimizes your service.

Increase transparency

With our transparent, fast, and efficient returns process, you can reduce your labour costs by up to 25%. Benefit from smooth processing and save time and money on every return.

Automate your return processes

Use intelligent workflows to efficiently automate your returns processes! Create triggers and conditions for customized actions such as credits to a customer account or customer notifications.

Get insights into your returns data

Reduce returns even before the purchase with detailed analyses and insights into your returns data. Use analytics to take effective action and benefit from improved customer satisfaction and higher sales.

Individualised returns processing

Keep an overview of the entire returns process thanks to Shipcloud Return: set individual conditions, approve specific returns, and optimize your business results!

Simple returns process.Excellent returns experience

With Shipcloud Return, you get a premium returns portal that strengthens your brand and optimizes the customer journey. Easily track and manage returns and offer your customers a 
first-class returns solution.

Speed up the returns process, reduce your workload, and ensure a positive buying experience. With Shipcloud Return, your business stands for an excellent returns experience and a simple returns process.

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Returns processing that convinces everyone

Shipcloud Return Bird

Discover the returns portalof tomorrow

With Return Bird, you can optimize your returns process and thus increase your customers’ satisfaction. Easy integration into your system allows you to define customized return policies and set up both manual and automated verification processes. Easily set different policies per product, category, or country and use your transport contracts or our discounted rates. Also, determine who pays the shipping costs for each return – you or your customer.

Increase your customer’s satisfaction with efficient and transparent returns processing thanks to Return Bird!

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Shipcloud Return Dock

Increase your efficiency:let us manage your returns

By using Return Dock, you gain access to various additional functions that can help you organize your returns process more efficiently. Return Dock handles the returns process and allows you to receive, sort and grade returned products. After grading, the products can be made available for resale or reuse in various ways.

By combining Return Dock with our Return Bird tool, you get a complete solution for optimizing your returns processes. This saves you time, money, and stress and you can be sure that your customers are satisfied with their returns.

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Do you work in e-commerce and want to optimise your returns management to increase your success?

Our white paper shows you the keys to successful
returns management in online retail.

Do you work in e-commerce and want to optimise your returns management to increase your success?

Our white paper shows you the keys to successful
returns management in online retail.

Our customers can use Shipcloud to send returns with their favorite parcel service – and we find out immediately when a gadget is returned thanks to multi-carrier tracking info. This gives us a huge advantage!

– Michael Cassau ・CEO & Founder of Grover

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