Keep your customers informed from return to settlement via the connection with Return Bird

As soon as the returns are received in the warehouse you need a way to keep you customer up to date. What is the status of the return? What will happen next?

Like any process, the return process is only as good as the data it’s based on. By connecting Return Bird and Return Dock you create an end-to-end process. Thanks to reliable data you and your customer will always know the status, and location, of the return.

Returns are received and graded

Returns are received at the warehouse and can be graded, using Return Dock this process is fully optimized. Ensuring a uniform grading solution each and every time.

Restocking or reuse

Products can be restocked making sure they are ready for resale.
Damaged products or open boxes? Return Dock keeps a complete list of B or C grade products that can be used for reuse in any possible way.

Accurate return settlement

Based on the grading process a customer will receive an accurate return settlement. Refund? Hand the order over to you finance department. Exchange? Hand the order over to the webshop so the customer can receive a different colour or different size.

Efficient receive and inspection of returns

You have the flexibility to use Return Dock in a way that best suits your needs. Whether you choose to use it for the operations process in your own warehouse or at your preferred 3PL, the app streamlines and simplifies the returns process for you.

All locations in our returns network utilize Return Dock for receiving, sorting, and shipping returns. Once consolidated returns have been shipped from one of our locations, you can easily finalize the receiving process in your own warehouse, with all the data in one system.

Easily create a refund,

store credit or exchange and connect to your financial system

Returns can be a hassle for both you and your customers. Poor returns management can negatively impact customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, financial performance, and the environment.

We understand this and that’s why we offer software and services that streamline the returns process from start to finish. Our solution allows for easy management of any return, regardless of the return policy, sales channel, or location, helping you achieve profitable and sustainable returns.

Advantages of switching to a cloud-based shipping solution

Many retailers no longer use individual on-site return solutions, usually part of a WMS because they are too inflexible.

Thanks to our cloud return solution, you save hardware and personnel costs for IT experts. You also save on maintenance, update and support costs. What’s more, Shipcloud’s solution is easy to use, even for employees without specialized IT knowledge.

Learn more aboutmulti-carrier returns and Shipcloud Return.
Shipcloud is a super flexible partner who clears a few stones out of the way in the shipping area.

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Our products

With our Send, Track, Return and Managed products, you can professionalize your shipping – from orders to returns. We grow with your requirements.

Shipcloud Send
Optimized shipping takes your system to the next level

Say goodbye to unnecessary workflows. Generate shipping labels for all carriers from one single interface.

Shipcloud Send

Shipcloud Track 
Tracking information for you & your customers

With Shipcloud tracking, you benefit from our multi-carrier tracking
solution for all major parcel services.

Shipcloud Track

Shipcloud Return 
A return process that you & your customers will love

With Shipcloud you can design and set up your own flexible return process, including your own return portal.

Shipcloud Return

Shipcloud Managed
Let us unburden your logistic, customer service, finance and IT teams

With Shipcloud Managed, you use the best logistical customer service, finance and IT teams to handle your shipping and returns.

Shipcloud Managed