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Shipcloud Platform

The Shipcloud Platform supports smooth customer journeys from checkout to return. Improving quality and driving efficiency in multi-channel distribution.

Easily connect through our Shipcloud API and unlock cost-effective shipping & return journeys with valuable insights for prediction and continuous improvement.






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Shipcloud Platform

Easily connect to our platform via our Shipcloud API and get access to services that support customer-centric, intelligent and cost-effective shipping and return journeys.

Improving quality and driving efficiency in multi-channel distribution, unlock valuable insights for prediction and continuous improvement.

With 50+ carrier connections, 130+ integrations our platform will have the connection you need.

Are you looking for a specific integration? Our expert team of developers can create a Shipcloud Certified Integration Solution, contact us to talk about the endless possibilities.

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Customer journey

1. Checkout

Allow customers to choose their preferred carrier for delivery at their convenient date and time. Options include home delivery or at a local pick-up point. Support environmental sustainability with green delivery options and CO2 compensation.

2. Schedule

Set up automated shipping rules based on country, region, weight, and dimensions. Simplify shipment scheduling for your logistics team with an all-in-one overview.

3. Pack

Generate shipping labels with our Shipcloud platform and automate the printing process, streamlining the pick-and-pack workflow for your warehouse team.

4. Ship

Enhance your customers’ shipping experience with real-time tracking and proactive delivery updates via text or email. Customizable to match your brand, enabling cross-sell opportunities.

5. Initiate

Seamlessly initiate returns through your shop system or our dedicated Return platform. Fully customizable to match your brand.

6. Ship

Allow customers to select their preferred carrier for a return. Automate carrier options based on region and country to ensure reliable and cost-effective returns.

7. Receive

Optimise your warehouse operations by simplifying the receiving, grading, and processing of returns. Our dedicated Operations platform provides an all-in-one interface for complete overview.

8. Settle

Unburden your customer service team by automating settlement proposals during the initiation stage. Verify return settlements with a single click.

Ready to simplify your customer journey,from easy checkout to hassle-free return?

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Ready to simplify your customer journey,from easy checkout to hassle-free return?

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What people say
In Shipcloud we have found a reliable partner who offers us the competitive advantage that we need as a medium-sized company in the struggle with the big ones.

– Michael Lang, executive Director・LANG Fulfillment Group

Connect our platform to parcel logistics

Take advantage of the power of our Platform combined with Parcel Logistics. Unlock maximum potential with our network of hubs, line hauls, carriers & integrations for reliable, efficient, and sustainable delivery solutions.

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Are you in fulfilment?

We have a tailor-made and dedicated solution specifically for fulfilment. Are you in 3/4PL fulfilment? Unlock maximum potential and discover all the possibilities our dedicated solution has to offer.

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