Many marketplace retailers – one shipping process

The ideal shippingand return solutionfor marketplaces

Increase the success of your marketplace and make it easy for your retailers to ship professionally.

The shipping and returnplatform for marketplaces

Provide your marketplace retailers with a unified shipping process. Always keep control of all retailer shipments and costs.

Save time and costs

Integrate Shipcloud quickly and easily into your system. Use all carriers without having to develop and maintain your own individual interfaces.

Increase customer satisfaction

Offer your retailers and buyers a wide range of CEP services and shipping methods. This will increase customer satisfaction and boost conversion rates in your marketplace.

Consistent shipping

Offer your marketplace retailers a centralized shipping process with decentralized shipping options – from the individual retailer’s store or warehouse. All in one system.

Infinite possibilities 
in just one interface

Thanks to our modern RESTful API and 130+ integrations with leading store, ERP, inventory management, marketplace, checkout and fulfillment systems, you can seamlessly integrate our service into your shipping processes. That way, you are always one package ahead.

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Optimized shipping

Uniform shipping options for your marketplace retailers

Thanks to uniform national and international shipping prices, you can keep track of your costs at all times, even with a large number of marketplace retailers. Decide whether you want to use your own business rates with parcel services or the attractive Shipcloud business rates. Your retailers will benefit from optimal pricing for shipping their parcels.

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Automated payment processing

Uniform and automated billing across all retailers

Shipcloud saves you time with your billing processes. Process your payments centrally and automatically for all marketplace retailer shipments and always have an overview of your costs – all in one system.

Multi-carrier tracking in the look & feel of your brand

Design shipping information with the look & feel of your marketplace

Keep your customers in your brand world. With Shipcloud, you can design your own multi-carrier tracking to match the brand look and feel of your marketplace. Create an end-to-end customer experience from order to return.

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Download our white papers
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Uniform return process

Design the ideal return solution
for you and your customers

Optimize your return process according to your needs. For example, integrate the return status into your marketplace system and create processes for automated credits. Additional features are available with the new Shipcloud Return Portal Plus. Understand why your customers are returning items and get updates on the current shipping status of returns thanks to our RESTful API.

Multi-location management

Ship uniformly across locations

Use Shipcloud for all your marketplace retailers and different addresses. It doesn’t matter how many retailers your marketplace has, you can use Shipcloud across multiple locations at any number of addresses. This enables a uniform shipping process at every location.

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We were looking for a shipping service provider that would make the shipping process as easy and fast as possible for our retailers.

– Ralf Herzog・

An optimised delivery method that takes your system to the next level

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