Individual shipment tracking

Bought is not the same as delivered – your customer knows that too and can hardly wait to get their order. Between placing their order and receiving their parcel, your customer wants regular updates about the current status of their shipment. There’s a reason tracking emails have a high click rate. And it’s something you can benefit from.

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customer satisfaction

With shipcloud, you create and deliver the ideal order and delivery experience. And if delivery problems or delays do occur with one of your carriers, you can respond directly thanks to multi-carrier tracking. This increases both customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduce the volume
of support requests

Reduce time-consuming support requests by proactively informing your customers about the status of their deliveries. And if your customer does have an issue, you too will know exactly where their shipment is thanks to shipcloud tracking.

brand experience

Lead your customers back to your online store with every glance at the tracking page. You can also brand your notification emails and tracking page, thereby creating a seamless brand experience – from checkout all the way through to delivery.

Unlock upselling potential with integrated shipment tracking & individual tracking emails

What actually happens once your customer has received their order confirmation email from your online store? Probably not much. Most online retailers simply direct their customers to the carrier’s shipment tracking.

You can do better! Include your tracking information directly into your online store’s customer accounts. Doing so will increase the frequency of repeat visits to your website and create a consistent brand experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Unlock your upselling potentials

Solve delivery problems faster with more transparency

As an online retailer, you should know where your shipments are at any time. But in practice, that’s not always the case. Your customer keeps a constant eye on the status of their shipments, but until now, your system wasn’t able to provide a detailed overview. Unfortunately, that meant you only found out about delivery delays when your customer contacted you.

Thanks to shipcloud, online retailers now have unlimited access to the delivery status of all shipments and can respond proactively. This improves customer communication and increases customer loyalty.

Create shipment transparency today

Thanks to the automated, customizable tracking emails and page, we can communicate consistently and easily with our customers. Internally, we use the tracking feature to proactively identify delayed packages at a very early stage. This means we don’t have to passively wait for customers to ask why they haven’t received their packages yet.

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Start using shipcloud today and benefit from these advantages.

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Automated & 
customized tracking

Send automated tracking emails and redirect your customers to your own tracking page. Decide for yourself which shipment status updates your customers should receive.

multi-carrier tracking

Our multi-carrier tracking via RESTful API and webhooks allows you to seamlessly track shipments with all connected carriers.

All shipments
at a glance

See the status of all parcels in one overview. Always know where your shipments are. Your support team will thank you.

Multilingual tracking page
& tracking emails

Provide your customers with emails and tracking pages in five languages. The language automatically matches your customer’s language settings.

Tracking in the same colors & 
language as your online shop

Customize the design of your notification emails and tracking page. Integrate your logo and customize your notifications to match your brand identity.

Multi-carrier tracking
at no extra cost

Multi-carrier tracking features are automatically included with every shipment created via shipcloud and for every available subscription.

Advanced features • starting from Business subscription

Tracking Only

With the shipcloud Tracking Only feature, you can also enjoy our tracking benefits without creating shipping labels via shipcloud.

You can simply use our RESTful tracking API, which is available to you for multiple carriers, including DHL, UPS and DPD.

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DHL, UPS & more – create shipping labels for all major carriers thanks to a simple and uniform interface.

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Optimize your shipping from within your system. shipcloud offers an easy connection thanks to existing integrations or a modern RESTful API.

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Benefit from automated shipping order processing. Create shipping labels within your system – easy & fast.

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shipcloud lets you flexibly design your return process according to your needs, including your own (branded) return portal.

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