Transparent & flexible shipping management

Connect your ecommerce, ERP and or WMS system via ready to use integrations or headless API to 1000+ carrier services.

Faster time to market

With Shipcloud you get multi-carrier connectivity through one cloud interface. This results in a time-to-market that is less then 5 working days.

Seamless integration into your systems

Shipcloud is a headless API that is easy to integrate into your own systems and services. There are no additional systems needed.

Lower your shipping and IT costs

Reduce your labor costs up to 100% with multi-carrier connectivity through one seamlessly integrated API. Reduce IT maintenance and development costs with more than 50% and have always up to date carrier connectivity and services.

Use local heroes withMulti-carrier shipping

Make the most of the services and individual strengths of each carrier for your business and benefit from the flexibility to choose a parcel service depending on the individual shipping scenario.

Carriers charge different rates depending on the product, package dimensions, weight and (additional) services you require. Make sure you always choose the right parcel service for your shipping process with Shipcloud.

Increase your customer satisfaction with Multi-carrier shipping.

Learn more aboutmulti-carrier shipping and Shipcloud Send.

International shipping
has never been easier

Do you have international customers? Go global! Shipcloud enables you to ship internationally using local heroes of your customers choosing – via your own or our attractive carrier rates.

Automatically create customs documents when you generate the shipping label (CN22/23 and commercial invoices) for many parcel services. You also reduce your international shipping costs, for example, by consolidating your parcels with PARCEL.ONE.

Take advantage of automated and uniform tracking and add versatile shipping and delivery options to your international shipping.

Automated processing of your shipping orders

Increase your conversion

Europe and the rest of the world in reach with 1000+ different delivery options.

Integrate your own contracts

Use your own contracts and rates or take advantage of our business conditions and rates, or both.

Always the best carrier

Identify the best carrier every time with our price check option.

"With the flexible integration of new carriers and a central dashboard for all inbound and outbound shipments, Shipcloud is an unbeatable solution!"

– Max Schönemann・Co-founder of Rebelle

Optimised shipping processes

By using uniform shipping process for all carriers you decrease mistakes and save time onboarding new employees.

Increase efficiency by processing more shipments with less resources and reduce paperwork and mistakes. Increase your productivity up to 50%!

Increase carrier performance by 10% while reducing your operational costs by 10% via send analytics

New • Shipcloud Pack & Ship

Your ideal packing station solution:
Shipcloud Pack & Ship

Are you looking for an all-in-one packing station solution that adapts seamlessly to your logistics processes and replaces individual parcel service solutions in just one interface?

Shipcloud lets you design your packing and shipping processes to meet your requirements and achieve the greatest flexibility and sustainability. Make it easier for your employees to pick and pack your goods and process orders quickly thanks to a wide variety of operating modes such as serial printing for multiple shipments. You can also use a combination of barcode scanners and weighing via USB scales.

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50+ major

DHL, UPS & more – create shipping labels for all major carriers thanks to a simple and uniform interface.

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130+ integrations

Optimize your shipping from within your system. Shipcloud offers an easy connection thanks to existing integrations or a modern RESTful API.

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Are you a starter or do you have a lower volume and are you looking for the best solution? Shipcloud has the solution for you!