Return processes you and your customers will love

Save time and cost by spending 45% less time on unnecessary customer contact. Your return services are available 24/7 and helps to prevent unwanted returns and revenue loss thanks to gatekeeping.

Our headless API easily integrates with your own systems and services, no additional systems are needed to use Shipcloud Return.

Enhance customer experience

Provide your customers with the return label via email, PDF-download or as mobile QR code.
Return Bird is completely white label: your own branding on the return portal and widgets.

Retain customers

Frictionless returns: optimized return processes with a uniform overview of all returns in one system.

Return bird allows you to speed up and simplify the return process, ensuring a fast settlement process which leads to a positive buying experience.

Increase transparency

Lower your labour costs up to 25% with a transparent, fast and efficient returns process.

Learn more aboutmulti-carrier returns and Shipcloud Return.

Returns processingthat convinces everyone

With Return Bird you have access to a Premium frontend returns initiation process combined with Premium returns authorization.
Integrate Return Bird easily and seamless in your frontend.
Set multiple return policies per product, category and or country. For each policy you can setup a manual or automated review process.

Use your own carrier contracts or take advantage of our discounted rates, determine who pays the shipping costs for each return, you or your customer.

Follow each step of the returns process and speed up the refund process.

Talk to sales

Simple return process.
Outstanding returns experience

With Shipcloud Return you create your own premium return portal, that matches your design to improve the customer journey and your brand awareness. Track returns, manage return policies and return authorization, connect carriers and provide your customers with a premium returns solution.

Use the return portal even if the outbound shipment was not created via Shipcloud.

Optimize your return process with a uniform overview of all returns in one system.

Speed up the return process and reduce your workload.

Offer your customers a simple and flexible return process and a positive buying experience.

"Our customers can use Shipcloud to send returns with their favorite parcel service – and we find out immediately when a gadget is returned thanks to multi-carrier tracking info. This gives us a huge advantage!"

Michael Cassau ・CEO & Founder of Grover

Return Bird

Your own return portal

Offer your customers a branded returns portal with advanced tools to discover insights from the data of your returns process.
The customer branded web frontend is easy to integrate in your shop or website.

Our returns solution is an independent eco system that works with any e-commerce system, fulfillment partner or carrier.


Shipcloud Return Dock

With Return Dock, you have access to a wide range of additional features.

Return Dock handels the operations side of the returns process, returns and products can be received and graded.
After grading, products can be restocked for resale or reuse in any possible way.

Create a complete returns solution and combine with Return Bird, to optimize your return processes.

Go one step further and let us manage and process your returns in one of our locations!

Read more about Return Dock
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