shipcloud Pack & Ship: Your packing station solution

There are several factors to consider when designing your optimal packing station solution. One of the most important is to integrate your packing station into your existing packing and logistics processes.

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Save time
& costs

Benefit from a simple technical setup. You also save hardware and personnel costs for IT experts with our cloud shipping solution. In addition, you have no extra costs for maintenance, updates and support.

Speed up the picking, packing & shipping process

With shipcloud Pack & Ship, you make it easier for your employees to pick and pack your goods. Orders are processed quickly thanks to various operating modes such as mail merge or with the help of scanners and scales.

multi-carrier shipping

Different customers have different parcel service preferences. For you, this has always meant different workflows for each parcel service. Thanks to shipcloud, you can standardize and simplify multi-carrier shipping.

Our multi-carrier solution
gives you independence

shipcloud Pack & Ship offers you an all-in-one packing station solution and replaces the individual solutions of the different parcel services in just one interface. Decide flexibly which parcel services you want to use. Take advantage of multi-carrier shipping today.

Maximum flexibility thanks to a wide variety of operating modes

With shipcloud, you can flexibly and individually adapt the packaging and shipping process to your requirements. No matter which existing processes you use, we have the right operating mode for you:

  • Whether scanning and printing shipping and return label,
  • Barcode scanning, electronic weight determination and printing,
  • Instant printing of shipping and customs documents, or
  • Serial printing of multiple shipping and return labels at once.

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Advantages of switching to a cloud-based shipping solution

Many retailers no longer use individual shipping service providers’ on-site shipping solutions because they are too inflexible.

Thanks to our cloud shipping solution, you save hardware and personnel costs for IT experts. You also save on maintenance, update and support costs. What’s more, shipcloud’s solution is easy to use, even for employees without specialized IT knowledge.

shipcloud is a super flexible partner who clears a few stones out of the way in the shipping area.

Raymund Fischer・Elanders Germany

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Flexible process support thanks to multi-carrier solution and various operating modes.

Simple technical setup and all-round support by shipcloud.

Set up as many packing stations and user accounts as you like.

Reduced training and set-up time for additional packing stations and new workflows.

Web-based software can be used on almost any operating system and browser.

Compatible with all popular USB scales and scanners.

Data synchronization from any ERP, inventory management & shop system.


Are you setting up your packing stations from scratch? Book the complete package and obtain proven hardware, such as scales and scanners from our partner Pitney Bowes.

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Optimize your shipping from within your system. shipcloud offers an easy connection thanks to existing integrations or a modern RESTful API.

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