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In the age of e-commerce, it is more important than ever for companies to offer a personalized buying experience. Standardized emails and impersonal tracking are a thing of the past – customers expect more! But how can you ensure that your clientele receives the best possible buying experience?

The answer lies in personalized tracking via Track & Trace. These brand-specific pages can be a valuable marketing tool to enhance the customer experience and strengthen your brand identity. Through targeted use of these touchpoints, you can create a consistent brand experience, capitalize on upselling opportunities, encourage social sharing, and build long-term customer relationships.

Harness the full potential of Track & Trace to significantly impact the growth and success of your business in the ever-changing e-commerce environment. Download our whitepaper now to learn more about e-commerce tracking for the optimal customer experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to successfully position your business in e-commerce and develop customer retention.

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Why Shipcloud Track

Improve your and your customer's delivery experience


would turn away from an online shop if they were not offered tracking.


preferred to receive the latest tracking information by email.

Multicarrier tracking – all in one system!
With our solution, you keep track of all your shipping service providers in one system! No more tedious querying of the shipping status via different carrier systems!

Increase the efficiency of your shipping processes
You and your customers always receive up-to-date tracking information. Keep track of both shipping and delivery at all times – minimizing expensive sources of error.

Boost your business with proactive exception management
Avoid unnecessary questions and frustrations with your customers! Enhance your customer journey with fast solutions for orders, deliveries, and returns.


“Thanks to the automated, customizable tracking emails and page, we can communicate consistently and easily with our customers. Internally, we use the tracking feature to proactively identify delayed packages at a very early stage. This means we don’t have to passively wait for customers to ask why they haven’t received their packages yet.”

Julian Jost, Printmate

Together we can move your business forward.

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