No company is too small 
for big solutions

shipcloud is the shipping and return solution that grows with your online shop. Whether you are just starting out or are already running a successful e-commerce enterprise, no matter how high your shipment volumes are today, we guarantee maximum scalability for you and your company.

Easy integration

shipcloud is already integrated into many shop, ERP and inventory management systems. This means you can start shipping quickly and therefore save time and effort. Do you have your own system? Then simply use our RESTful API.

Start shipping faster

Integrate shipcloud quickly and easily into your system landscape and ship with all major carriers. shipcloud will maintain all interfaces so you don’t have to.

Increased customer satisfaction

Ship your parcels the way your customers want. Reduce your shop’s cart abandonment rate and offer your customers a choice of shipping and parcel services.

Infinite possibilities
in just one interface

Thanks to our modern RESTful API and 130+ integrations with leading store, ERP, inventory management, marketplace, checkout and fulfillment systems, you can seamlessly integrate our service into your shipping processes. That way, you are always one package ahead.

Start now for free
Use your own or our attractive business rates

Start shipping immediately 
and without negotiations

Would like to start shipping today, but have not yet negotiated any business rates? Then simply take advantage of our attractive business rates and start shipping nationally and internationally with DHL, DPD or UPS right away.

If you already have your own business rates with parcel services, you can also easily integrate them into shipcloud.

Optimize your shipping process now
Maximum flexibility

With shipcloud you always ship
from within your own tried & trusted system

We offer 130+ integrations and our modern RESTful API, which allows you to integrate shipcloud into your existing systems and carry on using shipcloud even after a system migration.

Thanks to multi-carrier shipping, you can choose the best parcel service for each shipping scenario and tailored to your customers’ individual requirements.

Advantages of our cloud solution

You focus on your core business – shipcloud takes care of the rest

Thanks to our cloud-based shipping platform, you not only reduce your hardware costs and save time on installing on-premise solutions. You also make life easier for your IT department, because shipcloud will manage and maintain your interfaces with all of your parcel services.

Ready for your full-service shipping and returns solutions?
New • shipcloud Returns Portal Plus

The ideal return solution
for professionalizing your return processes

That all sounds great, but you want more? With the new shipcloud Return Portal Plus, you have access to a wide range of additional features.

For example, find out why your customer is returning an order and get shipping status updates via our API – for better warehouse & staff planning and proactive support. The Return Portal Plus is the perfect solution for online stores with large shipping volumes.

Set up a meeting today for more information and let us show you all the benefits of the new shipcloud Return Portal Plus.

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Working with brands throughout their growth journey

Whether you’re an online retailer, fulfillment service provider or marketplace, with shipcloud you’re always one package ahead of your competition.