Shipcloud Managed

Let us unburden your logistic, customer service, finance and IT teams by managing your parcel deliveries from contract until invoice control!
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Efficient Delivery Management

Let us manage your parcel deliveries using the last mile carriers your customers want to choose!

We provide labels, collection, sort and shipment of your parcels deliveries to the country of destination using our local hero network for last mile delivery.

Save 25% in shipping costs

via our consolidated volumes and centralized carrier framework agreement.

Reduce labour costs

Let us pro-actively manage exceptions, investigations and claims and reduce costs up to 100%.

Decrease carrier dependency

Your webshop connected to multiple carriers with our multi carrier approach.

Solution design and procurement

Shipcloud Managed is a tailormade solution, from outbound to delivery. We design the best possible solution for you, combining efficient domestic and cross-border transport management for smooth end-to-end shipping and return.

With active project management and support during the implementation process an a dedicated contact person during the lifetime of the contract.

Learn more aboutTailormade shipping and return managed solutions,Shipcloud Managed.

Optimization ofyour shipping proces

Shipcloud Managed optimizes your shipping costs, quality and reliability whilst improving your customer journey by hands on customer service and pro-active communication.

We create transparency in shipping and return flows with data driven transport management. And by using local hero’s we offer quick access to new markets.

Our customer service keeps an eye on the whole process, avoiding unnecessary delays and ensuring the best possible delivery experience.

Effiecient Returns management

Combine our Managed service with Shipcloud Return for a professional managed return service.

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Track & trace across the process

Keep yourself and your customers informed every step of the way.

Proactive complaint and performance management

Our team of experts proactively monitor all your shipments and solve complaints before they happen.

One fully detailed invoice

One invoice and one contract for you to manage, let us manage everything else.

"With the flexible integration of new carriers and a central dashboard for all inbound and outbound shipments, Shipcloud is an unbeatable solution!"

– Max Schönemann・Co-founder of Rebelle

State-of-the-art software for more efficiency

Many senders are still bound to individual carriers, keeping to the tried and true rather than working on more efficient procedures. Our innovative shipping software gives you access to our entire carrier range, covering each step of the way from label generation and e-mail notification to tracking and billing. We’ll take your shipping management to the next level.


Combine with ShipcloudSend, Track and Return

Let us unburden your Send, Track and Return processes with Shipcloud Managed.

Don’t want to worry about linehaul capacity planning or exception management. Don’t want to lose resources monitoring your shipping performance? Reduce labour costs, save on shipping costs, improve your reliability and get back to your core business.

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50+ major

DHL, UPS & more – create shipping labels for all major carriers thanks to a simple and uniform interface.

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130+ integrations

Optimize your shipping from within your system. Shipcloud offers an easy connection thanks to existing integrations or a modern RESTful API.

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Are you a starter or do you have a lower volume and are you looking for the best solution? Shipcloud has the solution for you!