Benefit from multi-carrier shipping and create labels for all major carriers in Germany in one interface and within your tried and trusted system.

Save valuable IT resources with shipcloud. We maintain and manage your interfaces with every integrated parcel service.

Integrate your own business rates and/or benefit from highly attractive shipcloud business rates.

Included carriers for 
a quick shipping start

The following parcel services are available, depending on your individual subscription, without any extra setup fees. You benefit from comprehensive services for your shipping – specially tailored for your e-commerce.

Additional carriers

Haven’t found the right parcel service yet? We can integrate the following carriers on request. Depending on the integration effort, individual setup fees may apply. In addition, we are always looking to integrate even more CEP services and shipping companies. Are you interested?


Trans-o-flex (Beta)

La Poste


DB Schenker (Beta)

chronopost (Beta)


DHL Polen

Schweizerische Post

Unpack Possibilities

Our features

With our Send, Track & Return features, you can professionalize your shipping – from orders to returns. We grow with your requirements.

shipcloud Send
optimized shipping takes your system to the next level

Say goodbye to unnecessary workflows. Generate shipping labels for all carriers from a single interface.

This is shipping at its best

shipcloud Track
tracking information for you & your customers

With shipcloud tracking, you benefit from our multi-carrier tracking solution for all major parcel services.

To the tracking experience

shipcloud Return
a return process that you & your customers will love

With shipcloud you can design and set up your own flexible return process, including your own return portal.

To return management
Are you ready for 
your full-service
shipping and return solution?

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