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We live in a rich country. We are so rich that we can afford to throw away food. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. 18 million tons of food are thrown away in Germany every year. That corresponds to one truckload per minute. You can, and even must, do something about it. And there’s a lot going on there. There are the panels that take care of the issue. Young people who go container diving at night. And certainly many, too, who decide for themselves at the evening kitchen table that the leftovers from lunch should be warmed up again instead of dumping them in the garbage.

The new food saver mainstream

An attitude in the spirit of Raphael Fellmer, the founder and CEO of SIRPLUS. He has been working from Berlin since 2017 with currently 150 colleagues towards a major goal, which he sums up like this: “We want to make food rescue mainstream and thus massively reduce waste!”. SIRPLUS cooperates with manufacturers, retailers and farmers, takes excess food or food that is about to expire and resells it at up to 80% cheaper.

You could also call this a win-win situation in the field of preventive food destruction, from which manufacturers, retailers and consumers benefit – and ultimately even the environment, because resources are ultimately conserved.

Quelle: SirPlus
Team Sirplus

Six rescue markets and an online shop

This is not only happening at the company location in Berlin, but now also very successfully throughout Germany, as Fellmer explains. “We started with the offline business, namely our rescue markets. It was necessary to rent our own warehouse for this. It quickly became clear that we had enough space and a large number of products to open our own online shop. So the expansion from offline to online business was a logical development.”

Lions increase appetite - Shipcloud keeps up

A year after it was founded, SIRPLUS was already online in 2018. The online shop runs stably from the start with the shop software from Shopify and with Shipcloud as a strong partner. “Shipcloud made the connection with the parcel shipper easier because it has a very simple workflow. This quality was particularly attractive for our company, as we had no previous experience in the online market segment.” – Raphael Fellmer describes the partnership. This proved to be particularly useful when SIRPLUS experienced a peak in terms of shipments through its participation in the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”.

Quelle: SirPlus
Even in times when we experienced extreme peak values, everything was business as usual thanks to Shipcloud.

Raphael Fellmer , Founder & CEO of SIRPLUS

When the chemistry and price are right

So the technology works. And what about the personal cooperation with the team from Hamburg? Here, too, Fellmer is full of praise. “It always turned out to be very stress-free! In cases where we had an inquiry or a problem, we were always helped quickly and effectively.” – he says and cites the Shipcloud graduated price model as an important advantage of the technology. “It was a great help with our cost control and financial planning.”

What else is important

Shipments within Germany are currently made with DPD and DHL, although the additional options are of course clear. “The API is helpful with its easy connection to many different providers. The detailed tracking of the packages in the system has made it easy for us and customer service to better serve our customers.”

Happy with no problems

That all sounds like a pretty good partnership, so a statement recommending Shipcloud shouldn’t be difficult, right? “No,” laughs Fellmer, explaining that it’s “an easy-to-understand, stable system with a clear pricing model and fast customer support. If many experts in the eCommerce field haven’t heard of Shipcloud, that’s the best proof of good software: it means that there are no problems with this software!”.

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