Customer stories The system convinced us immediately and that's why a shoe came out of it

Being able to walk well and wearing the right shoes is an important feel-good factor for many people. Feeling good not only refers to the right size, but also to the right brand, the right style and, last but not least, the right price. This makes shoes the ideal object for online trading. That’s what the e-commerce experts at the ANWR GROUP around Ralf Herzog thought too and had an idea, which they gave the name and URL “Finding the right shoe is not that easy. He has to fit and of course he has to be available. That’s why it was important to us when setting up our portal to combine the advantages of online trading with the quality of advice of stationary retailers.”- explains Ralf Herzog. went live in 2014 and has developed rapidly to this day. Interested customers can now find more than 4,000 local shoe and sports shops on the portal, which present themselves with their own specialist retailer business cards. 1,300 retailers use a so-called digital shop window in which they present their locally offered range in a detailed 360-degree display. Since the beginning of the year, over 500 dealers have been integrated into the portal with an online shop. This is where Shipcloud comes into play.

We were looking for a provider that would make the shipping process as simple, fast and cost-effective as possible for our dealers. We came across Shipcloud through a press article and this system immediately convinced us

– Ralf Herzog ,

“First of all, we liked the fact that we can choose between the different shipping service providers without any problems. Shipcloud also offers the option of ordering decentralized shipping services. For example, from the shop or warehouse of the respective retailer, at central shipping conditions. This is of course a great advantage for us as a platform operator.” – remembers Ralf Herzog. Of course, retailers do not necessarily have to work with Shipcloud. It is all the more impressive that around 90 percent have decided to use it. “The word got around that Shipcloud’s service works perfectly. If a problem does arise, the reaction time of the team from Hamburg is very good, usually immediately.” Here the thumb of the portal operator is clearly up.

Returns management convinces dealers

But the shoe retailers involved can also count the benefits on their fingers. A very important argument in the highly competitive market for shoes with its tough calculated prices and correspondingly sporty margins is the simple and inexpensive returns management that Shipcloud offers. “It’s going great, although the return rate isn’t that high in our house. On average, it is 30 percent for our dealers, 50 percent and more is customary in the industry.” – knows Ralf Herzog. Last but not least, this convinced the jury of the trade journal Internetworld Business, which just presented the portal with the SHOP AWARD 2016. The reason given was: “Bringing a group online is not child’s play. The ANWR GROUP has done a lot right with and not only offers its affiliated retailers the opportunity to be visible online for their local customers, but also to sell on the web with as little effort as possible.” The cooperation with Shipcloud also played its part.

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