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“Economy needs fulfilment. We’ll take care of it!” – this is a clear statement from LANG. The traditional company from Leimen, which when it was founded in 1987 still offered various services for its customers from industry and trade and therefore still trades as “LANG Industrie Dienst GmbH”. As a modern, medium-sized company, it has increasingly focused on the classic services of fulfillment and is now a full-service provider in this discipline. Because today’s economic system needs such services constantly. Fulfillment has become an integral part of the economy and the corresponding service providers are becoming an existential part of the process chain in many companies.

Quelle: LANG Fulfillment Group

Fulfillment from a single source

The LANG Fulfillment Group has recognized this and is doing everything possible to optimally integrate itself into the processes of customers of all sizes, who are now operating worldwide. Depending on your needs, everything is offered: from classic warehousing to a factory or processing activities such as purchasing, receivables management and clearing to the latest pick & pack. Everything that companies expect from fulfillment today.

Always at eye level

We attach great importance to always meeting the customer at eye level – with maximum commitment, heart and soul and personal contacts in all situations.

“This is the only way to stand out from anonymous global players. And this is the only way that a 50-employee company from Leimen can be successful in an international environment. Fulfillment inside and outside the box, that is.”

– Michael Lang, Managing Director & Owner

In addition to the employees, the key to this is the continuous optimization of our own processes. And that’s where the LANG Fulfillment Group relies on state-of-the-art technology and top-class digital solutions.

Shipcloud as a reliable partner

“Only with the best support at hand can my employees fully exploit their strengths and only those who work with the best partners can also offer top performance,” says Michael Lang. That’s how they ended up at Shipcloud after a long selection process. And since then the LANG Fulfillment Group uses all functionalities that Shipcloud offers as a shipping service provider.

Quelle: LANG Fulfillment Group
In Shipcloud we have found a reliable partner who offers us the competitive advantage that we need as a medium-sized company in the struggle with the big ones.

Michael Lang , Managing Director & Owner of LANG Fulfillment Group

Fast connection and features that make the difference

The integration of the software was and is essential, and it is precisely here that Shipcloud is enthusiastic: “The connection via the RESTful API was quickly completed thanks to the competent support of the support team and the excellent documentation of the API,” says Michael Lang. And even after the smooth introduction, the solution from Hamburg is impressive. Thanks to Shipcloud as a shipping service provider, the LANG Fulfillment Group knows that there is maximum flexibility and stability. An important argument in choosing Shipcloud was the multi-client capability of the technology. Many of the customers have their own contracts with CEP service providers and bill them directly. “The fact that the Shipcloud software can map this is impressive” – explains Michael Lang and sums up – “Shipcloud is part of our infrastructure and can only be warmly recommended by us.”

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