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Get Grover: Shipcloud – specifically searched, found and absolutely satisfied

Actually, you only need the action camera for holidays. But why spend more than 200 euros? If you can rent the cool thing for a tenth? Or why pay high four-digit amounts for the flat screens that are urgently needed at the company’s next trade fair appearance, when you can get them for less than 300 euros?

Simple, flexible, sustainable

These are questions that inspired Michael Cassau for his FinTech start-up Grover. The idea behind it is as simple as it is convincing: Cassau offers gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, cameras and tablets for flexible hire purchase via the portal. Potential customers simply register and, depending on availability, can rent their desired device immediately.

You can return it monthly, exchange it for another one, or even buy it if you like it. This concept with no minimum contract period and advance payments makes it possible to always use the latest technologies flexibly.

The Berlin FinTech startup is thus reacting to the changing, ever faster consumer habits in the field of tech gadgets. But not only on the side, but also consciously backs the right horse when it comes to sustainability. After all, this principle saves valuable resources and also ensures that you don’t fill up your storage space with devices that are rarely used.

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Processes that convince

The expert speaks of a circular model. In which, logically, many packages have to be sent back and forth between the customer and the provider. A process in which you lose a lot of time and money or – in the better case – can save money. “As an innovative FinTech start-up, we were of course also oriented towards automated processes in the area of shipping from the very beginning. But just the automated generation of shipping labels was an extremely laborious undertaking with our logistics partners DHL and DPD.” – Michael Cassau remembers the beginnings in 2015.

It quickly became clear to him and his team that something had to change here. “We then specifically looked for a service provider who could help us with shipping with flexible and affordable technology and came across Shipcloud. The simple interface to all important carriers convinced us immediately.” – explains Cassau with satisfaction.

Get Grover: Shipcloud – specifically searched, found and absolutely satisfied

Michael Cassau , CEO & Founder of Grover

FlexibleReturn experience
HighTime savings

4 reasons for Shipcloud

But he also mentions four other reasons that make Shipcloud so valuable for Grover as a recommerce dealer: Customers who want to send something back can use this technology to print out the return label for their preferred shipping service provider at home.

Secondly, thanks to the multi-carrier tracking information at Grover, you can find out immediately when a gadget was sent by the customer.

“This gives us a great advantage”

“We have waiting lists for many gadgets. Now, when a customer sends back the item they rented, we inform those waiting that another copy is available. And not only when the return arrives – but thanks to the Shipcloud webhooks, when the shipping service provider scans the return for the first time. This saves us two days in handling and we already have a new lessee before the package arrives.”

Cassau also rates it positively that the existing DHL contract with its favorable conditions can continue to be used and that the other shipping service providers can be used via Shipcloud conditions. In addition, there is the pure time saving for the employees in the shipping department. “That’s enormous, it’s five to ten minutes per shipment.”

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