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Connox: Shipcloud - a multi-carrier 
solution as it should be

At in Hanover, things traditionally go off. This is logical for an online shop where shipping plays a central role in day-to-day activities. But that with the post office has a completely different meaning here. Because the first company headquarters in 2005 – by the way, congratulations on the 15th company anniversary – was an old post office in Hanover. “We started the business on 180 square meters.” – laughs Thilo Haas, who still manages the company together with Kristian Lenz today.

Techie or furniture dealer –that was the question here

“We are both techies and knew right from the start how important search engine optimization and the entire technology behind a shop are. To this day, we see ourselves more as a technology company and act less from the traditional dealer perspective.” An obviously successful approach, because with the dispatch of designer furniture and high-quality home accessories, the two and their now 125 employees achieved a rolling annual turnover of 37 million euros in 2019. As an online retailer in this segment, you play a leading role in the DACH region.

Multi-carrier shipping urgently needed

In addition, shipments are made worldwide, which is why the search for a suitable multi-carrier system was quickly carried out. “But we were quite dissatisfied with the first system we worked with.” – explains Thilo Haas.

“Then we discovered Shipcloud and were thrilled that we could easily connect so many shipping service providers with this modern multi-carrier solution.”

A component that was of great importance to Connox because of its customers in Switzerland was the inclusion of Post CH in the service provider portfolio.

Quelle: Connox

Who invented it?

“For the people of Hamburg, we were the test balloon, so to speak. And thanks to a well-functioning interface and the uncomplicated exchange of system documentation, it obviously got off the ground quickly. Connox has been relying on Shipcloud for shipping since mid-2019.

Together with Shipcloud as a technology partner, we were able to set up the interfaces to the shipping service providers that were essential for us.

Thilo Haas , Founder & Managing Director, Connox GmbH

Satisfied from start to finish

“The cooperation with Shipcloud was completely uncomplicated for us. No superfluous IT components, everything in the cloud, a good interface, the right service – that’s enough.” – Haas is satisfied. It is shipped with DHL, whereby the DHL desired time service is explicitly used. There are also DHL Kurier, DHL Express, Post CH and Hermes for shipping to all of Europe and overseas. The conclusion from Hanover about the partner from Hamburg: “Shipcloud is a multi-carrier shipping solution, as we imagine it.”

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