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Altruan's Journey with Shipcloud: Streamlining Omnichannel Wholesale Operations

Altruan GmbH is a dynamic wholesaler of hygiene and care products operating in the omnichannel sector. Established in 2021 in southern Germany, Altruan quickly expanded its market reach through a robust sales team, a comprehensive online shop, and more than ten marketplaces. Additionally, Altruan is actively involved in providing assistive devices, ensuring a wide-ranging and impactful presence in the industry.

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Shipping process made easy

From the outset, Altruan adopted the ERP system Weclapp, which offered a native integration with Shipcloud. This seamless integration was crucial for optimizing their packaging and shipping processes. Altruan developed a custom application that managed shipments directly from Weclapp through Shipcloud, resulting in significant time savings and process reliability.

As Altruan experienced rapid growth, they introduced the advanced and powerful Pulpo WMS in 2023. Although Pulpo WMS lacked a native Shipcloud interface, Altruan collaborated with Wals.Pro to develop a bespoke integration, ensuring continued efficiency in their operations. The native Weclapp-Shipcloud interface remains a valuable asset for handling special cases.

Why Shipcloud?

Shipcloud became an integral part of Altruan’s operations right from their initial use of Weclapp, thanks to its native interface and straightforward onboarding process. The platform’s performance, centralized tracking for multiple carriers, and a user-friendly returns portal for customers were significant advantages. Additionally, Shipcloud’s REST API proved invaluable for Altruan’s custom developments, further enhancing their operational capabilities.

Taking a corner

Transitioning to Shipcloud was relatively smooth for Altruan, primarily because their system was launched as a greenfield project. The seamless integration with Weclapp and the numerous benefits offered by Shipcloud made the switch an easy decision.

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Key Benefits of Shipcloud

Quantifying the benefits of Shipcloud is challenging, but several key advantages stand out. The platform supports Altruan’s specific needs, such as handling multi-package shipments, working with multiple carriers, and offering substantial time savings compared to manual label creation. The centralized tracking system is also a significant support enhancement, providing clear visibility on package whereabouts for both the company and its customers. Moreover, the returns portal simplifies the process of creating return labels, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Shipping Partners and Global Reach

Altruan collaborates with DHL, UPS, and DB Schenker to ensure reliable and efficient delivery services. While they ship worldwide, international shipping is increasingly important to their business, reflecting their growing global customer base.

Collaborating at eye level

The collaboration between Altruan and Shipcloud has been both technologically and personally rewarding. The Shipcloud support team is prompt and engages with Altruan on an equal footing. This relationship allows for detailed technical discussions, ensuring that Altruan’s specific requirements are met effectively.

Recommendations for other e-commerce companies?

Johannes Radl, Altruan’s CEO: “Shipcloud is for me the essential component in the process chain of a modern e-commerce company.” This endorsement underscores the critical role Shipcloud plays in enabling Altruan to operate efficiently and deliver exceptional service to their customers.

Altruan’s partnership with Shipcloud exemplifies how a well-integrated shipping solution can drive operational excellence and support business growth in the competitive landscape of omnichannel wholesale.

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