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Shipcloud offers online retailers an easy and fast connection to PARCEL.ONE thanks to its cloud-based interface. You can use either our RESTful API or one of the many available plug-ins. Shipcloud always keeps the PARCEL.ONE interface up to date, saving you time and money on development and maintenance.

Thanks to Shipcloud, you can automate your shipping processes and flexibly respond to customer requests. Easily create shipping labels from within your existing system. Thanks to Shipcloud’s integrated shipment tracking you and your customers will always have the latest status updates on your shipments

You can use PARCEL.ONE in just a few steps. Simply register, add your default from address – and you’re done!

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The benefits of 
Shipcloud’s integration for PARCEL.ONE

Reduce your international shipping costs by bundling your shipments and easily create a customs documents along with the shipping label.

Send, Track & Return

Ship cost-effectively to numerous countries & regions. You can also use the return service for many European countries. And benefit from the automated & uniform tracking – even abroad.

Integrate your own
PARCEL.ONE business rates

You can easily use your existing PARCEL.ONE business rates with Shipcloud and continue to ship at the rates you have negotiated.

a strong partner

PARCEL.ONE offers you numerous shipping options for both letters and parcels. These services will help you make your international shipping even more profitable.

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Overview of
Shipcloud’s PARCEL.ONE integration

Benefit from flexible shipping methods and additional services such as UPS Express or Carbon Neutral. Also, keep track of all your shipments thanks to our multi-carrier tracking solution.

Shipping Option
  • PARCEL.ONE Parcel (Eco, Basic, Plus) (international)1
  • PARCEL.ONE Letter incl. tracking (Eco, Basic, Plus) (international)1
  • PARCEL.ONE re.PARCEL (international)1
Additional Services
  • Tracking
  • Simplified customs declaration (CN23)

The specifications are for shipping from Germany.

Cross-Border Shipping with PARCEL.ONE

With PARCEL.ONE you have a cross-border specialist who offers a simple solution for worldwide shipping. With this carrier you can ship your letters and parcels to over 230 countries with the best and most reliable carrier of the region. Reduce your internal effort and save additional shipping costs.

How it works

Prozessbeschreibung: Versand mit PARCEL.ONE und shipcloud
  1. Create international shipments with PARCEL.ONE via Shipcloud.
  2. Bundle your international shipments and send them to PARCEL.ONE in just one parcel or deliver them yourself to PARCEL.ONE in Butzbach.
  3. PARCEL.ONE identifies the best carrier for each shipment and delivers the shipments to each consignee abroad.
  4. You will receive a seamless tracking from delivery to arrival.

Combine PARCEL.ONE with other parcel services

Benefit from the individual strengths and services of 50+ carriers via a single interface. Multi-carrier shipping offers maximum flexibility – for you and your customers.

To the carriers

Take advantage of
130+ e-commerce systems

Optimize your shipping from within your system. Shipcloud offers easy connectivity thanks to a variety of existing integrations or a modern RESTful API.

Our integrations
Shipcloud is a super-flexible partner who can remove a few obstacles in the shipping sector.

– Raymund Fischer, Elanders Group

Questions about shipping 

Please visit our Help Center for important information about shipping with PARCEL.ONE via your own business rates.

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