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Receive & Grade web–app and Return Portal: What solution do I need to improve the returns process?

Returns are a reality in the ecommerce world, according to a report by Insights iF Lastmile, in 2022 alone they increased by 41% over the previous year. Online shopping is constantly evolving and the customer’s buying process and therefore their experience with your ecommerce does not end at the moment of the purchase click on the web, solutions such as Receive & Grade web – app and Return Portal will provide your ecommerce with a state of the art returns process.

Let’s start at the beginning, returns are unwanted but they do happen, it is important to see this as an opportunity and not as something negative and in this article, you will see two solutions that can improve your brand image and customer satisfaction.

Why is it important to take care of returns?

  • Customer satisfaction: offering an efficient and simple return process for the customer will make them feel more confident about making a purchase. It is important that the user knows that your e-commerce cares even after a sale has been made.
  • Brand reputation: the goal is to take care of the customers and make them perceive your e-commerce as a reliable place to buy, this will not only increase recurring purchases, but you will also get more sales from new customers thanks to possible recommendations from people who have already purchased your product.
  • Product improvement: if your product returns are too high, maybe your customer base is trying to help you. Does my product have enough quality? What should I improve to be more competitive?
  • Comply with the law: there are laws that protect the rights of consumers in terms of returns and warranties after a purchase. It is essential to comply with this point and follow the current regulations to avoid legal problems.

Having seen these points it is clear that returns should not be neglected, complying with the points reflected at the beginning of the article will help your e-commerce stand out from the rest.

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What aspects should you take into account to improve the return process?

  • Clear return policy: E-commerce should have a clear and easily accessible return policy for customers. This includes information on the period during which returns can be made, the condition the products should be in, and the process for initiating a return. All of this information should be reflected on your website and you should be able to share it with any customer who asks for it.
  • Efficient Process: this involves providing customers with return labels, processing returns in a timely manner, and communicating clearly with customers about the status of their returns. Being able to offer freedom to the customer to make their return whenever they want and offering speedy refunds are two things to keep in mind.
  • Inspection and Restocking: Returned products should be inspected to determine if they can be put back in stock or if they should be discarded. Products in good condition can be restocked, while damaged or used products may need to be repaired or recycled. Working through this quickly is key to getting products that are in saleable condition out of the warehouse in the shortest possible time.
  • Automation: there are tools that greatly simplify returns for both your customer base and your e-commerce, if you have a high volume of returns it is advisable to have a system that helps you manage them. This can streamline the process and reduce human error.
  • Customer service: Throughout the process, it is essential to maintain clear and effective communication. Customers should be informed about the status of their return and any refunds or exchanges being made, in many cases, the best solution is to outsource this service to save on human costs and time.
  • Returns Analysis: Companies can use returns data to analyze patterns and trends. This can help identify recurring problems with certain products, and areas that need improvement, or even determine what circumstances need to be in place for a return to be approved. There are tools that can provide this and take your process to the next level.

Now that we have seen the areas of improvement and possible needs if an e-commerce retailer wants to have a complete returns process that brings value to the customer and the online store itself. Next, we will show you how Shipcloud can help you achieve this, don’t miss the most interesting part of this article where we will see these two solutions that will revolutionize your logistics.

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What is Receive & Grade web–app and Return Portal?

Return Portal

It consists of a returns portal with your brand, with its advanced tools, you can discover all the information on the returns of your e-commerce from the data collected.

Thanks to its ease of use, your customers will be able to return their product with total flexibility, and can also choose the carrier of their choice.

The process for the customer is very simple; when you want to make the return you just have to enter the portal that will be customized with your corporate identity, following a few simple steps, the return will go to approval status so you can decide whether or not to grant it depending on the circumstances of the product and the buyer himself. With the subsequent green light, the customer will receive a digital shipping label and instructions to make the return. It’s that simple!

Throughout this process, both the customer and your e-commerce retailer will be aware of every step, but what are the specific advantages of using Return Portal?

  • Improve the customer experience: in addition to providing total flexibility and convenience so that the customer can make the return whenever he/she wants. You can customize the portal to make it as attractive and appealing as possible.
  • Keep your customers: thanks to Return Portal, you can speed up and simplify this process that often becomes a nightmare for customers. You will be improving their experience with your brand and you will not only be able to retain existing customers but also obtain new ones thanks to recommendations.
  • Increase transparency: reduce your labor costs by up to 25% with a transparent, fast, and efficient returns process.

All this with an API connection that easily integrates with your systems and services. Take your returns process to the next level with this world-class tool.

Receive & Grade web-app:

The Receive & Grade web-app takes care of the operational side of the returns process and you evaluate the returns and products you receive and then evaluate them to determine which products are put back in stock to be put back on sale or which are recycled as they are not suitable to be bought again. Why is Receive & Grade web-app the solution I need?

  • Returns are received and evaluated: when they arrive at the warehouse they can be evaluated and thanks to the Receive & Grade web-app, this process is fully optimized. You are guaranteed a systematic evaluation solution in all cases.
  • Control your stock: a filter will be made to determine which products can be put back on sale, so you will be able to count on those products that are immediately available for sale. For all the others, by keeping a record of each case, you will be able to recycle them.
  • Reliable post-return payment: depending on the evaluation, the customer will receive a corresponding payment, with Receive & Grade web-app it will be very easy to refer these issues to the finance department, and in the case of an exchange for another product, you can notify your team so that the customer can receive the product back in a different color or size.

You will have the flexibility to use Receive & Grade web-app in the way that best suits your needs. Either for use in your own warehouse operations process or through your preferred logistics provider.

Receive & Grade Return Portal

Are Return Portal and Receive & Grade web - app compatible?

Absolutely yes, the combination of the two will create a comprehensive process. Thanks to a series of reliable data, both your customer and you will know at all times the status and place of return.

However, they are two solutions that can be used independently without any problem, it all depends on the needs of your ecommerce.

☝️ If you have any questions about Return Portal and Receive & Grade web – app or any other of our services, we will be happy to find together the best solution for your ecommerce.

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