Reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales with the Pack station option

Integrate pack station into the online store free of charge

Reduce abandoned purchases, increase sales and save 30% CO2 emissions on the last mile – simply integrate the “Pack station” delivery option into your online store and secure many benefits.

The latest figures show the influence that the right delivery options have on online shopping behavior: The Global online Shopper Survey 2023 states that 95 percent of online shoppers abandon a purchase because their preferred delivery option is not offered. Reason enough for you as an online retailer to take a critical look at your own range of delivery services and focus on the growing popularity of the Pack station.

The current study also shows the consequences of the declining home office trend. This trend had ensured that direct home delivery was preferred by the majority. This delivery option is still preferred by the majority of online shoppers. However, this figure has fallen by a whopping 10% to 64% in Europe in just one year. At the same time, the number of shoppers who want their parcels to be deposited in a private, secure location (22%) or in a Pack station (14%) is growing. If you want to keep pace with this development, you should simply integrate the Pack station receiving option into your own store for your customers free of charge.

The Pack station offers many advantages

If you offer delivery to a Pack station, you have eliminated an important reason for abandoned purchases with little effort. Offering the desired delivery method in the online store not only means satisfied customers, but also more sales. This is because shoppers are more likely to order if they are sure they will receive the goods on first delivery, even if they are not at home. Another advantage of the Pack station: if the delivery rate increases, your costs for returns and reshipment also decrease. The Pack station is therefore not only an important factor in reducing costs, but also in saving CO2 emissions. On the one hand, because there are no multiple deliveries and therefore no unnecessary journeys, and on the other, because around 30% of CO2 emissions are saved on the last mile compared to a regular doorstep delivery.

Packing station already integrated in the Shipcloud app

Shipcloud customers do not have to do anything to use the pack stations, as it is already included. You can find more information here:

DHL Packstation

Advantages of the Pack station option for you as an online retailer

  • Fewer abandoned purchases
  • More sales
  • Lower return rate
  • More climate-friendly delivery

Advantages of the Pack station option for your customers:

  • Flexible collection
  • Germany-wide availability
  • Discreet reception
  • Free registration and free use
  • Simple addressing
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